Sylvia Konior Is the queen of the self-portrait. In her self-portraits, a slow plot unravels. From a quick laugh, instant humor to fun. But the real story requires the viewer's attention and time. She herself is the model in her work, but the subject is the woman as a fellow human being. With great recognisability and masterful humour, surrealism and her typical use of color, she seeks her place in the world. She is a woman who finds her way in real situations.
Artificial beauty, relationships, family/work balance and women's sexuality in society are subjects that occupy her mind. She proudly displays her gray locks and physically undergoes the de-fleshing of her body.
Sylvia is always looking for the place of women in our society. She watches with disbelief at people who worry about useless matters. Where she was recognizable in her images at the beginning of her photographic career and looked for solutions, she has changed into a figure that radiates hope.
Sylvia makes us think and inspires us to step out of the crowd and dare to be yourself. Her humor and her use of color make everything lighter and you immediately become happy with her work.